Things are going well! I'm almost ready for my next committee meeting, and all of my
projects are looking good. I've made even more transgenic flies (a process that was
once very hard for me, but is now much easier...)! I've also received a laptop to aid my
data storage and retrieval, and it really has been helpful in keeping up with all of my
new fly lines. Every time someone asks how much longer I have until I'm done, I say,
"About two years", but now I think it might really be only that much longer until I'm done.
The light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter!


Another semester and another year gone by. In October my dissertation proposal was approved, so
I am now a full-fledged Ph.D. candidate! I am registered for dissertation now, but not quite
in the writing mode yet. My projects are going well, and I am applying for a fellowship for my
work. I'll also be TAing again -- this time developmental biology. I might even have one of
my sister's old school chums in my class. I won't be lenient though....


My new motto: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try, and try again!"
I've managed, through trying and trying again, to successfully make a transgenic fly! I've gotten
good results for two of my three projects so far, so I am well on my way. I'll be giving
my dissertation proposal sometime in September, and then I will be a full-fledged Ph.D.
candidate (instead of just a master's candidate). I'm also TAing this fall for Paul. We shall
see how that goes... : )


Sorry it's been awhile since I've written. I'm working on top secret stuff... : )
I found this web page and thought it was kinda funny, since I work on fruit flies... Enjoy!!
Where Fruit Flies Come From...
(This web site has neat info on other fascinating things too...)


I've finished my first year as a graduate student, and I've found
a lab! I'll be staying in Paul Macdonald's lab, continuing my project with
the Drosophila embryos. Let's see how long it takes me to
get a link to a paper here!


I started today in Paul Macdonald's lab, and my project will be using
fluorescence microscopy. I'm going to be working with Drosophila embryos,
and purifying components from the embryos. I think it will be a cool
project. I hope all goes well!


I'm getting ready to start my third rotation in Paul Macdonald's lab. I'm not sure
what my project will be, but I'm hoping to do some in vivo work.


I've started in the Gottlieb Lab, and so far I'm enjoying my work.
Right now, I am only dissecting the ovaries from drosophila -- a very tedious process.
When I finish my radioactivity safety course though, I will begin
work on a RNA-protein interaction project in the lab.

A cool sidenote is that the student that worked in Ellen's lab before me
will be continuing the work I began in Karen Browning's Lab!
I will be continuing the work he began in Ellen's lab last semester as my project.
It really is a small campus... : )


The results came back from the mass spec facility, and they were what we were looking for!
So my project was a success!
I'm glad because I feel now that my work actually came to a good conclusion.


Research update! I'm starting another rotation!
I will be working in Ellen Gottlieb's Lab in January. There will be another update soon on what my project will be.


My work in the Browning Lab is now over.
I feel that I made good progress, and results on my final experiments
should be in from the mass spectrometry facility by next week.
We shall see if the results are good or not!


I am starting my first rotation in the Browning Lab working with Trish Murphy.
I will be working on identifying the site of binding between two of the proteins being studied in the lab.

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